Our Committee

Chairman & Treasurer

Jason P.

I joined Rainbow officially in 2006 as just a member of backstage.  I became hooked at how much of a laugh it was with so many new friends that you make in the process.  From there I worked up through the ranks to finally become Chairman in 2016.  It’s been a great journey and I have learnt many new skills through Rainbow to the point that now I work part time for other companies on the backstage side of shows.  I see it as a privilege and honour that I am still Chairman after 4 years for such an amazing company that brings smiles to so many faces.

Send Me a Message: chairman@rainbowpantos.co.uk

Vice Chair & Head Chaperone

Letitia D.

I have been a part of Rainbow since 2002 and joined the committee in 2017.  I am also head chaperone so am responsible for the under 16’s performance licensing and ensuring the safety of all junior members.  I feel Rainbow is not just a Pantomime group, but is a family.  Nothing makes me more proud than seeing the group act out fantastic shows on stage.  My whole family are involved with Rainbow, my husband and son are crew while my daughter thoroughly enjoys performing on stage and has done since 2015.

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Nadine S.

I have been with rainbow since 2019.  Having watched Rainbow's shows for numerous years due to my sister-in-laws being members, I joined to help with supporting with the administration within the group.

My daughter is now also involved within the productions.

Send Me a Message: secretary@rainbowpantos.co.uk

Ticket Secretary & Front of House Manager

Di McM.

I joined Rainbow in 2018 after my son asked for help front of house and have stayed ever since. I love that Rainbow is one big family and I have been made to feel so welcome from day one and made so many amazing friends.

My role as Ticket Secretary involves taking all the orders from the cast members and the ticket line.  Making sure all orders are paid for, printed and available to collect on the door where required.  Answering all ticket enquiries and keeping records of  ticket sales.

My role as Front of House Manager means I am responsible for all the sales tables that you will see in the foyer pre-show and in the interval. From the regulars the raffle, ice-cream sales and the programme to the new ideas we try out flashers and roll the dice, we try to find something for everyone.

Send Me a Message: tickets@rainbowpantos.co.uk

Social Media & Advertising

Katie R.

I enjoy baking and spending time with my family.  I have a daughter who is 19 months old. I have always enjoyed singing which is originally why I joined Rainbow in 2007 and I’ve never looked back since.  My job role within the committee is Advertising.  This involves Facebook and Instagram posts and also advertising in newspapers, local magazines and on local radio stations. 

Send Me a Message: marketing@rainbowpantos.co.uk

Social Secretary

Zara B.

I have been with Rainbow Pantomimes since 2012, I specifically remember my first day as I had been worrying over the whole “audition” process for the entire day, until I got there and found that my “audition” was to sing happy birthday as a group to a cast member. That was it, I became part of the family and have not looked back since! I am now Rainbows Social Secretary, I deal with all of the fun stuff (it really is as plain as that). I put on events with the cast, we’ve participated in local charity fundraisers, community Christmas and summer fayres.  I am always looking for new fun ideas to be involved with and promoting our fantastic company. So watch this space! 

Send Me a Message: socialsecretary@rainbowpantos.co.uk

Cast Associate

Jess B.

I joined rainbow in 2013 when my friend asked me to come along as I have always been into drama and I have never looked back since.  It is more than a pantomime company, it’s a family.  My role within the company is cast associate which entails being the “go to person”.  I monitor the register & subs, if the cast has any requests or concerns they come to me and I follow them through.

Send Me a Message: castassociate@rainbowpantos.co.uk